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The aspect of reflection assumes that emotions (feelings are a specific form of reflection of value of object for the subject. G. A. Fortunatov and P. M. Jacobson define emotional processes, as "reflection in a brain of the person of his real relations, that is the attitudes of the subject of requirement towards objects, significant for it" (25, 3

In works of domestic researchers of A.G., A.I. Puni, etc., reveals a place mental, including states in mental structure of the personality, their communication with mental processes and mental properties of the personality.

Lately a large number of the facts, a set of supervision about emotions is saved up, experience of their pilot study is gained. In a heap of the facts outlines of complete system already start appearing.

The founder of a behaviorism John Watson rejected the theory of Dzhe - - Lange. In his opinion, emotion represent a specific type of the reactions which are shown in three main forms: fear, rage, love. Apparently Watson remained on Dzhems and Lange's positions, though excluded from their theory introspective elements.

In justification of RELEVANCE of the chosen subject, the main thing is that formation of emotions, education of moral, esthetic senses promotes more povershenny relation of the person to the world, the nature and society, promotes formation of a of the developed personality.

When emotions become a subject of discussion and feelings should not be specified that means. As specific experiences time very brightly paint that ­ feels, imagines, thinks, emotions represent one of the most obviously found phenomena of his internal life. It is possible to tell even that thanks to first-hand life experience these phenomena not only easily are found, but also is quite thin are understood.

"In the course of knowledge the subject on the one hand reflects subjects and the phenomena such what they are in the natural relations and ­, on the other hand, he estimates these phenomena from the point of view of the requirements and installations" (6, 1

NOVELTY of this research that researches of an condition of the abnormal child at very low level, and,, formation of the identity of the mentally retarded child, research of potential opportunities of such children, unfortunately is not widespread.

The highest social emotions or feelings represent a product of public influence. They arise only in the presence of certain I.Q. and reflect the attitude of and the phenomena towards the highest requirements and motives of activity of the person as persons.

According to the first point of view specificity of emotions in experience of events and the relations. Rubenstein S. L. considered that "feelings express in the form of experience of the relation of the subject to an environment, to that he learns and does" (30, 3 Feelings a condition of the subject and the attitude towards object. "The mental taken in concrete integrity are processes not only, but also effective, emotional and strong-willed. They express not only knowledge of the phenomena, but also the attitudes towards them; in them not only the phenomena, but also their value, for the subject surrounding them, for his life and activity. S. L. Rubenstein (2

The central theory of emotional experiences which the name "the talamichesky theory of Konnon and the Bard", was a in a counterbalance of idea of an identification of emotions with vegetative changes. According to this theory of emotion are identified with the processes happening in the central nervous. Such approach to emotions laid the foundation to fruitful which led to many sensational opening.