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Outlook – a necessary component of human consciousness, knowledge. It not simple one of its elements among many others, and their difficult interaction. Speaking about outlook in big socio-historical scale, mean the stories prevailing at this or that stage extremely general belief, the principles of knowledge, ideals and norms of activity, that is allocate common features of an intellectual, emotional, spiritual spirit of this or that era. But in reality the outlook is formed in consciousness of specific people and used by persons and social groups as the general views defining life. And it means that, except standard, total lines, the outlook of every era lives, works in a set of group and individual options.

Metaphysics too word Greek. In the ancient time it meant the doctrine about the beginnings of all existing. Further began to understand such way of thinking at which subjects and the phenomena are considered out of their interconnection as metaphysics as motionless, time forever the data deprived of internal contradictions.

In knowledge of the world philosophers of different eras addressed to the solution of such tasks which or it is temporary, during a certain historical period, or essentially, forever, appeared out of a field of understanding, competence of separate sciences.

The dialectics considers the world as the uniform, connected whole. She recognizes that all things, the phenomena, and also our concepts as their mental reflections are in an interconnection, in the neprpryvny movement and inconsistent development. The dialectic view of the nature, history and human thinking demands research of the studied subject in all its communications and the relations, tracings of the valid history of its development, disclosure of the original reasons of difficult and inconsistent process of its change.

The outlook is a set of views, estimates, the principles defining the most general vision, understanding of the world, a place in it of the person and at the same time living positions, programs of behavior, actions of people. In outlook informative, valuable and behavioural subsystems in their interrelation are presented in a generalized view.

The most important function of philosophy in cultural and historical life of people are coordination, integration of all forms of human experience – practical, informative and valuable. Their complete philosophical judgment – a necessary condition of the harmonious and balanced public life. The world outlook orientation corresponding to interests of mankind demands integration of all main objectives, values of human culture. Their coordination is feasible only for the universal thinking provided with that difficult spiritual work which in human culture was assumed by philosophy.

The philosophical bases of science along with function of justification of already got knowledge carry out also heuristic function. They actively participate in creation of new theories, tselenapravly reorganization of standard structures of science and pictures of reality. The philosophical ideas and the principles used in this process can will be applied and to justification of the received results (new pictures of reality and new representations about a method. But coincidence of philosophical heuristics and philosophical justification is not obligatory. Maybe it happens that in the course of formation of new representations the researcher uses one philosophical ideas and the principles, and then representations developed by it receive other philosophical interpretation, and only on this basis they find recognition and join in culture.

The analysis of the major functions of philosophy in system of culture shows that cultural and historical approach made noticeable changes to classical ideas of a subject, the purposes, ways and results of philosophical activity.

The philosophy is turned not only to the past and the present, but also to the future. As a form of theoretical thought it possesses powerful constructive opportunities of creative formation of essentially new ideas, world outlook images, ideals. The philosophy is capable to build various options of outlook, as if preparing trial systems of outlook for the future which is full of surprises, never happens entirely clear for recent people. It is confirmed by existence in the history of philosophy of different options of understanding and the solution of world outlook problems.