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General principle of the analysis: the less share of the biggest customers, the better. The situation when the main part of the remains is provided by average and small clients is preferable. The most negative picture turns out when there are high values of DKOS and DKOB at a low recreation center and the CORRESPONDENT.

The reason for which dynamics on the largest and on other clients is considered separately, is connected with that some large operations distort an overall picture and cannot give an idea of true tendencies.

For extrapolation of the main characteristics of client base for the next period, the purely formal (mathematical) extrapolation based on temporary ranks of change of basic indicators for some previous periods would be the simplest version of the forecast. However here we will use other way – forecasting on the basis of the current tendencies received in the analysis of dynamics. Extrapolation is made separately according to four characteristics about which we wrote in the section "Processing of Indicators and Assessment of Current State".

Here the following indicators are used: the volume of resources (SR) and the money (M), the average total rest (C), structure of clients in size of the remains (SVO) and force of fluctuations (SSK), the sum of the remains taking into account quality (SK), average quality of clients (To) and efficiency of client base (), diversification (DOS) and size not of the reduced rest (RR).

In the analysis available to investments of capital four types of investments were allocated and the sums available to investments of each look are estimated at the moment. Here we will estimate values of these sums for one period forward. We will carry out extrapolation taking into account data on dynamics of the total rest and value of efficiency for the last period.

Than efficiency is higher, those can fully use the client remains. The indicator of SK is applied together with the total amount of resources, and their relation gives an idea of a share of client means in resources.

Here the following indicators are used: the volume of resources (SR), the average total rest (C), the sum of the remains taking into account quality (SK), efficiency of client base (), size not of the reduced rest (RR) and an indicator of the general variability (GV).