Jordan Peterson On The Meaning Of Life For Art

How to think better and faster on songwriting

Wide use of cars is the reason of a large number of people, demands allocation of the considerable areas under roads and parkings, leads to pollution and energetically inefficient use of the earth.

One more problem is that generally growth of the population goes at the expense of developing countries that creates loads of natural and financial resources, complicating raising of a standard of living. Besides, the population of these countries lacks for the food already now, and that will be when number increases twice, it is difficult to foresee. But in general growth of population both in developing, and in economically developed countries leads to degradation and resource depletion.

In the majority of the cities planning of land use with the purpose to find optimum option of use of each plot of land is used. A problem of modern mankind in relation to ecology of the cities is ecological planning land use for transformation of the cities into places, steadier, acceptable and pleasant for life.