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Yu. N. Kulyutkin specifies that a positive result of the provided training was change of the approach to the doctrine. Independent cognitive activity began to attract school students, i.e. they changed motivation of the doctrine. Obviously, positive emotions had essential impact, arising at independent opening, which is estimated decisive as its intellectual victory.

According to requirements imposed by modern school, training at it has to be guided by development of the productive, creative thinking providing a independently to acquire new knowledge, to apply them in diverse conditions of surrounding reality.

The arms of pupils the correct, rational receptions of thinking, training in how to define concepts, to classify them, to build conclusions, to solve problems according to this algorithm, have positive impact and on independent, productive thinking, provide possibility of the solution of tasks problems.

Efficiency of cogitative activity is influenced very significantly by such quality of the personality as intellectual activity, or, on D. B. Bogoyavlenskaya's terminology, an initiative. As showed D. B. Bogoyavlenyoskaya's researches, existence of high mental capacities does not guarantee manifestation of high level of an initiative yet; quite often very capable people are limited and satisfied with the solution of this or that put problem in more elementary way though, at the corresponding motivation from outside, solve the same problem at the highest level.

For ensuring sufficient level of knowledge authors of training programs and textbooks seek to enter into them all new and new data. However, the more the volume of the knowledge which is subject to assimilation, the is more difficult to provide durability of their assimilation. Therefore, it is necessary to limit somehow that circle of knowledge which are subject to assimilation and to look for ways of the organization of knowledge to such system of high level of generalization in which on rather few strongly fixed its links on the basis of reasonings the pupil could find the additional links necessary for operating the acquired knowledge.

Experiments excellent confirmed a hypothesis about much bigger, than was considered earlier, opportunities of intelligence of children. It appeared that first graders can already operate with abstract symbols, solve problems on the basis of formulas, seize grammatical concepts etc.

Direct installation on storing increases the level of cogitative activity during the work on the material which is subject to assimilation, extent of its self-control and self-checking that considerably increases effect of assimilation. Same conscious application of rational methods of mnemichesky activity promotes (such as group, classification, scheduling, allocation of semantic support etc.). The productive thinking assumes an exit out of limits of the available knowledge. However this knowledge — a support in opening new. To open new, to reject already known, it is necessary to own this old, to have rather wide volume of the knowledge (including also their operational party) sufficient for advance and being in a ready state to updating according to the purpose set before the subject. To fulfill this extremely important requirement, it is necessary to provide the organization of mnemichesky activity providing durability of the acquired knowledge and their readiness for updating at the solution of problems. This special organization — one of the most important principles of development of productive thinking.

That is why we believe that one of the most important principles of development of creative thinking is optimum (the development of different types of cogitative activity answering to the purposes of training and mental features the individual: both abstract and theoretical, and evident and figurative, and evident and effective, practical thinking.